The Journey is a book in progress from Ricken Patel,the founder of Telos.From the Introduction:

“This Moment”

Maybe we all feel it. A sense of something impending, unfloding. 70% of us belive the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced,we are facing right now. A long chain of events that began our journey on this earth is coming yo head, a reckoning. Are we good enough? Will we survive?

We're often not at our best when we're afraid. Fear can do terrible thing to us,cloud our judment,make us unwise. And it offers the slippery slope,to a place where we are all capable of our worst.

In a searching for how to bring our best to this moment,to meet it all that our parents and grandparents have taught us to be and more, we have to understand it.There's nothing we fear more than the dark.That's why our ancestors told stories,great myths,around the camp fire,about the world and ourselves. When we know what is happening, when we can make sense of it,we can choose how to respond.

This book is my best, most sincere and truthful attempt to understand what is going on. Where we've been,where we're going,and how we meet the challenge of our time. ,,

From Ricken: Hi Telos reader , glad you're curious about this! Telos is all about purpose,and this book has been part of mine for a long time. But i'm doing something unusual with it, where i don't want to go to publishers, and am putting drafts out in the world to get feedback and improve on its wisdom

Thousand of people have received the book over the last few years,and i love it as it stands (and the feedback is strongly positive), but i think the process of writing it still has a ways to go.In some waysm Telos, and your feedback on the site,is helping me to write this book every day.Thank you!

If you commit to offer the wisdom and help of your feedback,the book is free to download! if you'd prefer to just buy it,it's $8 for the ebook.(sorry, no paperbook version yet).

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