Have you discovered a piece of wisdom that has shaped your life for the better?

Don’t keep it to yourself! Sharing wisdom can make a real and lasting difference in someone’s life, and help build a stronger, kinder, wiser culture and world.

Look through our people to people petitions below. Join your voice with others, share your insight, and invite others in a non-preachy, non-judgmental way. Let’s replace angry culture wars with inspired culture change.

It’s dead simple and all-powerful.

“Triggers” steal our dreams and create tragedies. Untriggering is the path to all we desire. Here’s how in 4 simple steps.

Accept, Welcome, Dance

How we meet adversity can spiral our lives downward or upward. These 3 simple steps can make all the difference.

Practice Holistic Evaluation

It’s the least catchy term in history. But what it lacks in style, it makes up for in merit. How do you form your judgments? It can change everything.

Build Your Grit

One quality above all determines whether we succeed or fail: how likely we are to give up. Grit is the ability to tough things out. And it’s precious.



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