Telos gatherings are for anyone who is seeking the magic of human connection, to listen to the stories of others and, if it feels right, to tell your own. To share what we’re grateful for. And to engage with wisdom that’s offered to us.

Often Gatherings begin with a gratitude exercise where we reflect for 30 seconds on what we’re grateful for and then share. Then they move to a sharing from a host or co-host, to offer wisdom to consider. And then we often move to open sharing or story-telling from participants, sometimes with pauses to breathe, or move, or go outside for a minute. Each part can be refreshing and inspiring.

Telos Gatherings have the following rules, because self-discipline is what creates healthy spaces for creativity and connection:

(01)On time - We travel together in a gathering, so everyone must be on time to begin together. The room will close 2 minutes after start time.

(02)Exquisite attention – we all give our full and complete attention to each other. This in itself is a huge part of the value of a gathering for us – to give someone else the gift of deep listening.

(03)Don’t rehearse, don’t reflect – we often spend our time in groups planning what we’re going to say and then reflecting on what we said. But when we’re doing that, we’re not listening to others.

(04)Confidentiality – we commit not to share what has been shared in a gathering outside that space. Gatherings are not recorded.

(05)Leave whenever it feels right – we don’t want anyone staying in a gathering if they’re drawn elsewhere or uncomfortable for any reason. Feel free to go anytime.

If this sound like it might be right for you, try it snd see!

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